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We Buy Houses in Houston, Texas

B&L Freedom Homes is a cash buying firm. We buy houses in Houston. We understand there are various reasons you might want to sell your home fast:

  • Relocation
  • Health Issues
  • Job Changes
  • Divorce
  • Challenges with paying Mortgage
  • Facing Foreclosure/Short Sale
  • Want to get rid of the house
  • Don’t want to work with an agent
  • Tired of Being a Landlord
  • Bad Neighbors
  • Problems with the neighborhood/safety concerns
  • Fire Damage/Water Damage
  • Structural Issues with the Property
  • Downsizing/Upsizing
  • Paying for Healthcare/Home Assistance
  • Inherited a house but don’t need it

In such situations, it isn’t possible to wait for weeks or months to sell your home. You want to get rid of the burdensome property as quickly as possible,and you can accomplish this by selling your property to a cash buying firm in Houston. Texas.

Most people believe that you must be desperate to sell your house to an investor, but that is not true. If you have a great property and you want a quick sale, you can sell your home to an investor for a fair price.

Learn How We Buy Houston Houses Fast

Our business caters to the needs of motivated sellers. The way of doing business is changing. We are finding more efficient means of doing everything. So, why do we still rely on the old methods for selling our house?

If you’re in need of quick cash, why can’t you sell your home in days?

The answer is yes, “you can sell your home fast in days!”

Buying houses in any condition in Houston Area

B&L Freedom Homes is a real estate redevelopment company. We have the tools and systems in place to renovate any kind of property. It doesn’t matter whether your house:

  • Has mold or asbestos
  • Damages due to flood or fire damage
  • Has structural issues
  • Requires significant repairs
  • Is in poor conditions

We buy houses in Houston, TX. We don’t care about the condition of the property as we have the resources to rehab that house. If you are planning to sell your home, forget about its state. Just give us a call, and we’ll buy your house in any condition, as-is.

Looking for Houston Buyers to Sell Ugly Houses?

Some properties need repairs. You can make the repairs before selling your home. However, you can’t sell an abandoned house or an ugly home in the retail market.

Whether you home was abandoned or was extensively damaged, there is no way to sell ugly houses in the retail market. If you have the money and the expertise, you can redevelop the home on your own. However, if you can’t afford the repairs or the maintenance, it’s best to call B&L Freedom Homes for a fair cash offer. We buy ugly houses in Houston. We can buy your home in as little as 10 days.

Reasons You Can’t Sell an Ugly Home in the Retail Market

Today’s buyers are not interested in purchasing a house that requires significant repairs. They want ready to move-in homes.

Banks also impose their restrictions. Most banks won’t approve funds for an ugly home. The loan application won’t be accepted if your home has structural issues or is damaged extensively. Such homes don’t sell unless you find a buyer who is willing to make the repairs on their own.

B&L Freedom Homes can purchase your ugly house for a cash price. We understand how frustrating it can be to have a house that doesn’t sell. This is why we offer a hassle-free way to buying your ugly home.

  • No repairs required
  • Sell your house as-is. You don’t even have to clean the home.
  • No closing costs or realtor commissions
  • A quick & hassle-free sale of your abandoned home
people who buy houses in Houston

Brent & La'Shawnda , Owner

We buy and sell real estate throughout Houston, TX which means we’re familiar with the area and understand what the seller needs. By working with us, you can rest assured that you’re dealing with a hardworking company that cares for its customers.

This business is how we make a living. We're people who buy houses and treat others with respect. You can be assured that this is not just an empty statement by reading through testimonials and reviews from recent customers here.

"We didn't want to list our house with a Realtor and wait months for it to sell. With you we were able to sell our house so fast we couldn't believe it. It was just so simple. Thank you!"

D. Johnston

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