Are You Tired of Managing Your Rental Home?

Stop dealing with those awful tenants and get cash for your Houston house instead!

Tired of Being a Landlord in Houston?

Investing in a rental property is a straightforward way of earning some extra money. You can earn side income while the value of the house increases. A 2017 report shows that there are 43 million people living in rental accommodation in the US.

That’s a sizeable market sector, and we see that the rental market is contributing significantly to the national economy. But even though we hear success stories, being a landlord isn’t for everyone. We know because we’ve been landlords ourselves.

Between earning money, we are dealing with neglectful tenants, late payments, repairs, complaints, and other expenses. We know how hard it can be to manage the property when you have a mortgage, and you are earning negative cashflow.

Negative cashflow and bad tenants are the top reasons landlords choose to sell their property. Whether you’re dealing with bad tenants or can’t afford the repairs or are just burned out, it’s obvious you would like to get rid of that house.

Sell Your Rental Property

Are you looking to sell your rental property?

We can help you.

B&L Freedom Homes is a real estate investment company in Houston. We understand how challenging it can be to manage a rental property. If you’re tired of being a landlord, we can help by purchasing your home as-is for a cash price. We’re connected to a national group of investors,’ so we can buy your house quickly.

The Challenge of Selling a Tenant Occupied Home

Selling a rental home is different from selling any other residential home. For a vacant house, you can make the repairs and bring viewers whenever you want. There are no restrictions.

However, selling a home with tenants isn’t as simple due to the following:

  • Tenants have damaged the house and it requires significant repairs
  • You can’t showcase the property
  • People aren’t willing to buy an occupied property

Sell Your Rental Home to a Cash Buying Firm in Houston

There are many variables involved when selling a rental property. If you want to choose a hassle-free process, consider selling your home to a reputable cash buying firm in Houston Texas. We can buy your home as-is for a cash price.

Selling to us has a few advantages:

  • We can buy your home even if it’s occupied by tenants. You can sell your rental property even if your lease hasn’t ended.
  • We pay cash price for your property. It’s going to be a guaranteed offer, and we’ll buy your home within 10 days.
  • We’ll never ask you to make any repairs. Even if the tenants have wrecked the property, we are willing to buy the home. Give us a call or fill out this form to receive your all-cash offer.

Give us a call at 281-816-7914 or fill out the form below to get started. We look forward to talking with you.

tired of being a landlord in Houston

Forget being a landlord in Houston. You can sell the house fast, as-is!

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