Property Investors in Houston, TX

Looking for off-market investment properties in Houston? Let us explain.

Property Investors in Houston, TX

Investing in real estate isn’t just about buying the land. There are various paths you can take. Wholesaling, rehabbing, REITs, rental homes, short-term rentals, and information selling are a few ways you can earn a profit in this industry. If you notice, all these sectors have one thing in common.

You don’t have to own real estate to make a profit. However, you must be able to identify the right opportunity. Find the right property at the right price at the right time.

As a real estate investor, it means finding off-market homes at a reasonable/reduced price.

It takes experience, knowledge, and luck to identify such opportunities.

Looking for off-market Investment Properties in Houston?

B&L Freedom Homes is a direct house buying company in Houston Texas. We market directly to motivated sellers. Our team works day and night to identify leads, connect with the sellers, and works with them to find a win-win solution. We make it possible to sell a home in Houston within days.

Our team reaches out to sellers who want to sell a home in Houston without going the traditional way. We can help sellers by buying their home as-is for a cash price within days.

We’re not a brokerage, and we find homes that aren’t listed on the MLS.

Most of the time, we buy and renovate properties for ourselves. However, we cannot rehab all the homes we buy. In such situations, we invite fellow investors to join us. You can join us in buying properties at a deep discount, often 50%-60% below the market price. We also buy and sell rental homes in Houston.

Like mentioned earlier, these properties aren’t even listed on the MLS. We connect directly with the seller.

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Real estate is not a numbers game; it’s a people business.

We are honest people aiming to help others in a difficult situation. If you’re an entrepreneur and would like to connect with us, please visit our office.

At B&L Freedom Homes, we believe in making lifetime friends and networking with fellow investors. If you complete the form, we’ll take the next step. Partner with us and together, let’s explore investment opportunities in Houston.

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