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If you want to sell your house today, we can buy it. The current state of your home is not an issue; we’ll buy a property in as-is conditions. The size of the home, location, and the price does not make a difference. We’re here to help you. If you are looking for someone who will purchase your abandoned house, please give us a call.

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B&L Freedom Homes is a real estate redevelopment company in Houston TX. We work with motivated sellers who want to sell their house fast for cash. We understand that at certain times, you must sell your home quickly and you cannot afford to wait for weeks.

Therefore, we offer a cash price for your house. Having a cash offer eliminates certain obstacles such as:

  • There are no banks involved thus no delay in waiting for the mortgage approval.
  • No need to worry about financial or inspection contingencies. (We buy all homes!)
  • No need to think of repairs, renovations, or commissions. (We’re direct buyers, and we’ll buy your house as-is.)

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Buy My House for Cash in Houston Area

B&L Freedom homes can buy your house for cash in Houston. We are cash home buyers in Houston.

Who is a cash buyer you might ask?

Well, a cash buyer is someone paying direct cash for your home. This form of financing is different from accessing a mortgage. For mortgage payments, a bank is involved. The bank will inspect the house and might not approve the loan based off the results of the inspection. The process can take several weeks before you receive an answer from the bank.

During this time, you (the seller) are responsible for property maintenance. You’re paying the holding cost which includes mortgage payments, insurance installments, and utility expenses and so on. If you are facing a financial emergency, you cannot wait for several weeks. You must sell your home fast for a cash price.

A cash buyer can help you in such situations. Even if you’re not in a hurry, having a cash offer is always attractive because you’re getting a guaranteed offer.

If you want to get a cash offer on your Houston house, please submit this form. We’ll contact you within 24 hours of getting this information.

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"You bought our house without hassle and even paid cash and bought it as-is! I could not be happier and have even recommended you to a friend."

D. Johnston

I Buy Houses Fast

When you sell to us, you can expect a fast sale. Paying cash allows us to close faster than most other buyers.

I Am Personally Involved

You won't be dealing with some big corporation when selling to us. You will be dealing directly with me.

We Buy As-Is

Don't worry about making those repairs or even cleaning out that house. We will buy any house exactly the way it is.

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